Case Studies


These case studies show how secured loans have successfully assisted clients in achieving their goals.

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A Tricky Deal Made Easy

Fluent Money were approached by a director of a press company and his wife looking to fund a large extension to their home to increase the value of the property in the hope of selling it in the future. Initially they were looking to extend their mortgage, however we at Fluent Money advised them that this was not necessarily the right choice as a secured loan could offer them the opportunity to repay early without exit charges and over pay without penalty, all of these options would not necessarily be available to them if they remortgaged. The clients decided to proceed with the £400,000 secured loan however the snag in this case is that the client earned income from encumbered properties, usually a sticking point with lenders. Shawbrook however takes a human approach to lending, saw the merits of the case and approved it without delay.

Home Improvement

Mr Hollis approached Positive Lending to arrange funding for a secured loan for £100,000 to repay a small tax bill and major home improvements to his substantial property.  As the client was a sole trader but wanted the best product in the market Positive Lending approached Shawbrook Loans to arrange the funding on their platinum 6.9% product whilst backing up income through bank statements and an accountants certificate.

The main issue for the deal was that the client had purchased in 2005 an old farm with equestrian centre and although he has not utilised the equestrian centre in the 7 years of ownership most lenders or surveyors would not entertain this property under 1 title, which it was, or consider it residential, which it was.  Shawbrook and Positive Lending arranged the funding and the process took 20 days from start to finish.

Homeowner loan for self-employed applicant

A customer from South Yorkshire is now using his £75,000 Shawbrook Bank Loan (70% LTV) to make large scale home improvements. This case was very complex where the self-employed customer, despite drawing income from his business, also received further earnings from an off-shore employee benefit trust loan (EBT). This is an unusual situation and after proactive presentation of the case by The Loan Engine, Shawbrook accepted that the EBT loan is an HMRC recognised self-employed accounting practice (subject to UK income tax deductions). After reviewing the merits of the case, Shawbrook were able to approve the client for the loan.

Debt Consolidation Loan

A client from Shropshire was looking for a better way to manage his finances and applied for a secured loan through The Loan Engine. Shawbrook is committed to responsible lending and undertook an assessment of the client’s finances and circumstances based on the information submitted by The Loan Engine. Shawbrook approved a loan of £21,000, enabling the client to repay an existing motor finance loan, which in turn would help the client to reduce his monthly outgoings into a more manageable payment.

Lump sum required to buy out one client’s share of their jointly owned property

Client initial circumstances – Marital home is owned jointly and worth £475,000 with a mortgage outstanding of £180,000. Clients have agreed that now Mr has moved out, Mrs will take the mortgage in her own name and transfer the title for the property into her single name. This is subject to a lump sum payment to Mr of £70,000. Their mortgage company were unable to assist with a further advance, but were happy to remove Mr’s name at the existing balance.

blimey! loans solution – a £70,000 Shawbrook Bank loan. 20 year loan with a £3,500 broker fee cost the client £618.77 per month – APR of 9.1% variable. Because the client was a sole trader, Shawbrook were able to use her last 90 day bank statements as proof of income. This vastly improved the affordability of the case.

Net result – Clients are both delighted with the transaction. It is Mrs’ intention to sell the property once her children leave home and then clear the Shawbrook loan from the proceeds. The ERC for the secured loan is only £195. The introducing broker received £1,540 commission from blimey! loans.