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Matt Tristram is a co-founder and director of Loans Warehouse & Clearly Loans, What Mortgage Best Secured Loan Broker 2013 & Industry Award Best Secured Loan Broker for the last five years and producer to the Secured Loan Index.

Loans Warehouse established in 2006, and has become one of the most recognised names in the secured loan industry.


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Are secured loans available to BTL property landlords who are no longer resident in the UK? If so, are there specialists that deal with this situation?

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I have good news, we have a lender who will lend on a BTL property even if the owner isn’t a resident as long as they hold a UK bank account, we can lend up to 70% equity in the BTL property.

Just give Sam Busfield a call on 01923 678902 to discuss your client and we’ll see if we can put a quote together for you.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

Can you tell me the Secured Loan Providers / Brokers in Northern Ireland please?

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It’s good news and bad, a few years back the secured loan market in Ireland was a thriving business but the boom and bust situation with Irish property mean’t that ever secured loan lender stopped lending in Ireland in 2009.

There is a tiny glimmer of hope as earlier this year Evolution Money launched a new range of products that are available in Northern Ireland Read story

Their criteria is as followings:

– Loans from £3,000 to £10,000

– Unlimited LTV

– Rates from 33.9%

– Terms 12 to 120

– Third Charges Available

– Mild Adverse Credit Accepted

Bit of a shameless plug here Kevin, but you can access Evolution Money through their Official Master Broker, Loans Warehouse here

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

What can secured loans be used for?

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A secured loan can be used for almost any legal purpose, whilst the most common uses are debt consolidation due to low rates and long terms available even if your credit record is not squeaky clean, secured loans are often used for improvements to your home, anything from a new kitchen or bathroom to extensions and conversions.

They can also be used to clear other charges on your property including, bridging loans, purchase of a new car or van, another common use is to pay for a wedding.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse


How much can be borrowed with a secured loan?

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Secured loans range from £3,000 to £250,000, the champion of the larger loans at present is Blemain Finance, with loans up to £250,000 or more by referral. The next best offering would be Shawbrook Bank who offer loans up to £125,000 at a market leading rate of just 6.9% & then in the bronze medal position (It is the Olympic’s soon) is Nemo Personal finance offering £100,000 at 7.008% up to 70% LTV.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

Can I take out a secured loan even if I have a poor credit history?

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This is where the secured loan market if far more forward thinking that mortgage lenders, there are secured lenders for all type of customers.

Whilst the lowest rates of 6.9% are reserved for those with a clean credit history, there are products and rates designed for all types of credit history, Central Trust are a great example offering rates from 12% for customers who have had a status point, which would be either a mortgage arrears in the last 12 months or a CCJ / default within the last three years over £100. Norton Finance have an excellent range also with rates from 10.9% but they have products priced slightly higher but allow three ‘status points’

Secured loan lenders are continually making improvements to their product ranges to give access to a wider market, whatever your circumstances as a homeowner, a secured loan is a realistic option.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse


How quickly can a secured loan be completed?

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As a secured loan is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974, there is a Consideration Period that the client must go through.

This Consideration Period (sometimes referred to as a “Cooling-off Period”) encompasses two sets of “seven clear days” so in reality lasts for sixteen days. During this period the broker cannot contact the client until either the sixteen days have passed or they return their documentation.

The background work, such as mortgage questionnaires etc., can be done whilst the client is in their consideration period so if they return their documentation at the earliest opportunity the loan can be completed quickly, earlier this month Loans Warehouse issue a statement to state that in May 2012 average completion time was just 19 days…

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

Are secured loan redemption figures still high, last one I did was a while ago and used the Rule of 78?

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All secured loans, regardless of size, are regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. It is The Act that dictates the level of redemption penalty that can be charged to consumers.

This has changed in recent years so that upon early redemption the maximum that can be added to the loan is 1 months’ interest plus 1 months’ deferred interest therefore making it more affordable for consumers to redeem early.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

Can I secure a loan on a clients BTL Property?

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I’m pleased to say there are now a couple of secured loan options for BTL properties; our preference is Spring Finance who offer loans up to £50,000 at 65%, but it’s not just for squeaky clean clients with high credit scores, the competitively priced product allows you to ignore unsecured personal finance and will even accept up to 6 months arrears on your residential or BTL mortgage!! The product is open to self-employed and employed clients, they will lend on houses and flat’s including ex-council properties and even except ex-bankrupts…

It’s an amazing product but has limited distribution so only a handful of brokers have access.

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse

Are secured loans available in Northern Ireland?

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Whilst the panel of lenders within Northern Ireland is limited, earlier this year Evolution Money launched their unlimited LTV product across the water, a summary of their product is below:

  • Loans between £1,000 to £10,000
  • Unlimited LTV
  • 2nd & 3rd Charges
  • Deeds Cases accepted
  • Minimum Income £1000 per month
  • Mild adverse including mortgage arrears accepted

The simplest way to access the full Evolution Money range is through Loans Warehouse, their official master broker simply click

Answer provided by Matt Tristram, Loans Warehouse