Masthaven Secured Loans reduces interest rates and increases maximum loan sizes

Masthaven Secured LoansMasthaven Secured Loans (MSL) has announced a new round of overall enhancements to its range of secured loans, first charge residential and Buy to Let mortgages, including a reduction in interest rates across the entire product range, with rates now starting from 6.9%.

Masthaven, which recently announced its intention to become a retail bank, is pushing ahead with plans to improve and expand its product offerings.

MSL, which has just introduced an innovative process for assessing mortgage arrears and brought new five year fixed rates to the market, is also maintaining its strategy of introducing constant improvements to its range.

Key features include: –

  • 37 rate reductions across the range – up to 1.6% on variable rates and up to 2% on fixed rates
  • Increased maximum loan sizes to £200,000 on prime plans with larger loans being considered on a referral basis
  • Minimum lender fee reduced to £595

Jon Sturgess, Head of Sales, Secured Lending at MSL, said:

“I am delighted to be able to announce these enhancements to our proposition. Introducers to Masthaven have been delighted with the recent changes we have made and these latest moves are just part of the good news story we will be bringing to the market as Masthaven moves towards becoming a retail bank.”

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