Access 4 Finance and Blemain Finance complete enquiry within a record-breaking five days

access-4-finance-link2Access 4 Finance who recently announced their #TreatingIntroducersFairly pledge have broke their record for the time taken to complete a deal with an unregulated first charge loan, for £35,000 with Blemain Finance.

The enquiry which was completed within five working days started with a Sunday evening phone call from a broker.

Peter Wilkins, Head of Underwriting at Access 4 Finance explains:

“When our introducer first contacted us he mentioned that the client was in a bit of a rush to complete as they were going on holiday the following Saturday.

“We agreed to call the client at 8:30am the following morning and by 11am the paperwork had been sent guaranteed next day delivery and the valuation had been booked for Wednesday morning.

“By the time we received the valuation report on Thursday afternoon we had all the necessary documents back from the client enabling us to deliver the pack to Blemain on Friday morning.”

Gary Bailey, sales director at Blemain Finance added:

“After receiving this application we were able to turn it around the same day, thanks to the excellent packaging and the availability of the applicant for security check.

“Here at Blemain Finance we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround, and Access 4 Finance ensured we were able to deliver that and meet the customer’s tight deadline.”

Scott Thorpe, Director of Access 4 Finance commented:

“This is a great example of a packager, introducer and lender all working together to ensure a client’s expectations were exceeded and demonstrates Access 4 Finance’s commitment to delivering a first class service to their introducers.”

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