Masthaven Secured Loans launches affordability calculator


Paul BrettMasthaven Secured Loans (MSL) has introduced a new tool for brokers to quickly ascertain whether a client fits the lender’s criteria for an immediate application or whether the case requires referral to an underwriter.

The new affordability calculator is available to all brokers and according to Director of Sales, Paul Brett, this innovation will further help intermediaries to confidently engage with Masthaven.

He commented, “Our ethos is to ensure that the broker has an easy and smooth user experience with MSL. To that end we have introduced our affordability calculator which is a simple, easy to use tool that enables the broker to enter the client’s income and expenditure details with just a few clicks and the tool will give a decision as to whether the income and expenditure meet criteria or whether the deal should be referred to underwriters.”

Paul added, “We are constantly looking at ways to enhance our service and the new calculator will be welcomed by established and new brokers coming to secured loans for the first time. One of the problems any broker faces is trying to assess a client’s situation accurately, even with all the income and expenditure at his or her fingertips. Clients want reassurance as early in the process as possible and with our calculator, brokers can have the confidence to move forward with the enquiry, so that no time is wasted.”


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