How can brokers enhance their offering by using a packager?


Vantage Finance is one of the UK’s leading specialist packagers. Established in 2004, its expert team offers secured loans, buy-to-let mortgages, commercial finance, short term loans (bridging loans) and development finance for intermediaries.

LucyLucy Hodge, Director of Vantage Finance, explains how brokers can enhance their offering by using a packager?

Many brokers are unaware that working with a packager can enhance their business. Packagers like Vantage Finance are here for our brokers and can work with and support brokers to help them generate new business leads and complete new cases.

Packagers can use their expertise in product areas which may not be the core focus of a broker to enhance their offering for a client.  We know that many commercial finance brokers will specialise in property  investment products or trading businesses, while others may focus on development funding, and then there are residential mortgage brokers who may not come across very much of the type of business we deal with at all, and possibly even turn down potential deals.  Brokers with one particular specialism could miss out on business opportunities due to a lack of experience in a particular area, or perhaps because they are so busy with their core business, but by working with an expert and knowledgeable packager, they can take advantage of a greater variety of business opportunities which come their way, and know that each application will be handled with the care and attention they would expect.

STL and development finance can be very lucrative for introducers.  The former is now seen as a more viable option for investors to leverage their money and it is being increasingly used by experienced investors looking to take advantage of time sensitive opportunities. A buoyant refurbishment and rental market, an increase in specialist lenders and a reduction in rates have contributed to the continued success of the STL market. Brokers looking to take advantage of positivity in the sector, yet who lack the experience, can use the expertise of packagers to maximise  the number of deals paid out whilst they focus on other aspects of their business.

Short term loans also offer a great opportunity for brokers to see repeat business. There is often an exit to facilitate if investors are holding the property for investment, or they will be looking to move onto their next project which they will inevitably need finance for.  Vantage is a well-established distributor of short term loans and can arrange deals on residential, buy-to-let, commercial, semi commercial property and land, by way of a first or second charge.

Development finance is another area where brokers could enhance their offering by working with a packager. Development finance remains difficult to obtain, however this has been tempered by a rise in specialist lenders, increasing funding to an extent.  It is a complex and very niche market and each lender will have varied criteria and often no set pricing model. Investors will always look to source the best possible terms when securing development finance and packagers will use their expert knowledge to achieve this.

At Vantage, we assess the development appraisal, place the deal and liaise with the developers and their professional team if necessary to arrange the relevant paperwork, seeing the case through to completion.  This links into a rise in the STL market, as an increase in refurbishment product demand has led to further business opportunities within the development finance market.

This increased access to products isn’t the only thing which enhances the service for brokers.  There is a reduction in the paperwork burden for brokers, and packagers further alleviate the time pressures associated with deals. Our expert team will collate all the necessary information.  We also help to extend relationships with lenders. Some lenders operate restricted panels, but Vantage Finance is able to offer access to a range of high street and specialist lenders.

Brokers should view packagers as an extra addition to their business, an extension to enhance and support their current offering.  There are limitless opportunities available to brokers in the financial market, and packagers can help them take advantage of these, as and when required.


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