Product Focus: Masthaven Secured Loans


Masthaven Secured Loans

Masthaven Secured Loans
Masthaven Launches Secured Lender

Masthaven, a well-known and respected name in the bridging market, has now launched a secured lender, offering its products solely through brokers. MSL plans to steadily increase its distribution and its product range, and plans to establish a presence as one of the principal lenders in the market.

The new lender aims to provide clear products and simple processes and criteria – for example, providing its products equally to employed and self-employed applicants, with no added restrictions – and to give its broker partners confidence that it will deliver to these.

Added to this, Masthaven Secured Loans will ensure that communication and processing is as straightforward as possible. MSL underwriters will always be available so that brokers can talk directly to the people who are making the decisions.

Stuart Aitken, Chief Operating Officer at Masthaven Secured Loans said:

“The secured loan market is slowly but surely growing. We are determined to play a full part in getting the market back to its rightful position as a valuable alternative to other personal funding options. We will always strive to be clear and open, and will not be operating any sort of elite broker panel that locks most of the market out. As we make our products available to an increasing number of brokers, and expand our product range, we will stay focused on keeping things simple. We are thrilled to be in this vital lending market and look forward with keen anticipation to the years ahead.”



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