Shawbrook Bank added to the Secured Loan Directory


Shawbrook BankShawbrook Bank the new specialist savings and lending bank that offers a straightforward, no nonsense alternative to the high street has recently been added to the Secured Loan Directory.

Shawbrook is a new savings and lending bank.  Who specialise in the savings and lending markets where they have strong experience and knowledge. Shawbrook combine traditional banking values with a modern approach.

Shawbrook gives their customers a straightforward, no-nonsense alternative to the high street.

Shawbrook has been in business since 1944 and changed their name to Shawbrook in October 2011.

Shawbrook has no legacy lending from the financial crisis, so they’re free of toxic debt.

Shawbrook are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Their brokers are licensed by the Office of Fair Trading and regulated under the Consumer
Credit Act.

Shawbrook pay an annual levy to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, and this fund protects their customers’ deposits.

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